Les Carnets

A life of Photography

My Grand Father was part of a very particular generation that lived through the two world wars. Not only have they survived these major conflicts but they also witnessed the world shift in an irreversible way. Major changes dragged them from a very stable and slow paced lifestyle to an accelerated industrial ingested era. Born with no refrigerator, central heating or automobile; they died with a cellphone in their hand watching a reality show on a color television...

Nevertheless, something very particular in human relationships was present at that time, a genuine truthfulness and a simple candor made reality palpable. 

My Grand Father was a carpenter but he had a gift for sensing speechless feelings as well as metaphoric situations. He had a great natural ability to lock onto untold story’s, capturing the right instant that would explain it all. 

Going through his photographs, I slowly understood how incredible they were. The veracity and the story telling capacity of that man is translated directly into these images. My grand father was not a poet but his photographic journey is an open book representing the lives of a particular generation.