Les Carnets

A life of Photography

Paul Frey, my grandfather, belonged to an extraordinary breed, a generation forged in the crucible of two world wars. They not only endured the thunderous echoes of those conflicts but also bore witness to the seismic shifts that reshaped the world irreversibly. From the tranquil rhythms of a steady, unhurried life, they were thrust into the frenetic pace of an industrial revolution.

Their journey spanned from a time without basic amenities like refrigerators and central heating to an age where cellphones and color televisions became their constant companions. Yet amidst this whirlwind of change, there existed an authenticity in human relationships, a simple candor that made reality tangible.

My grandfather, a carpenter by trade, possessed an innate ability to grasp unspoken emotions and capture metaphorical nuances. His photographs weren't just snapshots; they were windows into the soul of his generation. Each image held a story, a moment frozen in time, pregnant with meaning.

As I delved into his photographic legacy, I marveled at the depth of his storytelling instinctive mastering . His pictures weren't merely visual records; they were chapters of a larger narrative, documenting emotional sequences in a very naive format. While he may not have wielded a pen like a poet, his lens spoke  incredibly simple and powerfull stories, painting a rich portrait of an era gone by.

For me, this revelation marked the genesis of understanding and ignited my own creative journey.

Though it took some time to grasp my own quest, it propelled me into the pursuit of universal concepts and essences that anchor and shape us: Nature as the encompassing container and equilibrium that nurtures and gives birth to our souls.

Today, I understand that the true legacy wasn't in the pictures themselves, the legacy was the flame to pursue the route.

This is likely why my entire body of work revolves around empty spaces, wildlife, and landscapes stripped of human noise, seeking to capture the most simple and pure representations possible: Back To The Roots