CLIENT SAAQ  TITLE IT HAS TO STOP • AGENCY Lg2, Canada  DIRECTOR Olivier Staub  DoP Olivier Staub  PRODUCER Frederick Quintal  PRODUCTION StaubFilms  CREATIVE DIRECTOR Luc Du Sault  COPYWRITER Andrée-Anne Hallé, Jean Lafrenière  ART DIRECTOR Vincent Bernard  PHOTO RETOUCHING  Visual Box  ANIMATION & POST Shed  AUDIO Boulevard

Despite a slightly hyper-real videogame finish to the film, this unusual, technically impressive PSA warning against the dangers of in-car phone usage features live footage of actual collisions with stunt people.  
Like a series of mirrors reflecting images reflected in a mirror, 
"It Has To Stop" embarks on a kind of loop of horror, as we zoom into the content on the phone being looked at by a distracted driver as he hits a pedestrian – the content is a driver looking at his phone while hitting a pedestrian. 
The chain of distracted drivers watching footage of distracted drivers hitting evermore pedestrians speeds up, finally leading to the tagline ‘this has to stop’.

The intriguing cinematic piece uses stunt performers and impactful photography to recreate brutal collisions that occur when drivers become distracted. Creating a unique campaign out of a sadly common situation, the film highlights how one deadly mistake can trigger an infinite loop of disasters.
Director Olivier Staub comments: “I chose to use the idea of a ‘screen within a screen’ to emphasise the never-ending risk posed by mobile phones if people continue to act recklessly. I didn’t want the advert to look like a slideshow, so we shot every necessary angle and perspective in order to reconstruct an animated 3D environment in CGI, preserving all the organic perspective and focus changes.”