In Quebec, around 7,800 work accidents in the construction industry happens every year. Hydro-Québec wanted to create an awareness campaign about safety prevention on construction sites.

In order to create a feeling of solidarity among workers, the posters were designed to put people at the heart of the dangers. As a result, the graphics have been humanised to showcase risky, potentially dangerous situations. The posters highlight three conditions on work sites that can cause accidents: distraction, visibility and rushing.
To create the visuals, we went directly to the field where the photos were taken from the top of a 25-foot crane. We tried to replicate the silhouettes on the pictograms as closely as possible to create a trompe-l'oeil effect.
The medium of choice for reaching people at construction sites is radio. To attract their attention, we used the codes of ads that are generally aimed at our target audience to create a mislead and get our message across effectively.
Clients Marc Lafleur, Lucy Litjens, Yolè Zurini, France Lussier
Creative Director Alexandre Jourdain, Marilou Aubin
Copywriting François-Julien Rainville, Éric Beaudin
Art Direction Alexandre Jutras, Fabrice Bouty
PhotographER  Olivier Staub
Digital Artist Pénélope St Cyr Robitaille
Strategy Anick Bouchard
UX Designer Anaïs Fernandez Delattre
UI Designer Mika Carbonneau
Content Jocelyn Leroy
Account Services Marie-Ève Despars, Adèle Charest-Normandeau
Project Management Production Justine Trottier
Developers Rémi Clermont
Agency Production Isabelle Thouin / Simon L Dubé
Media Marie-France Allaire, Alexandra Naulet