Idea Awards


CLIENT  MSSS AGENCY  Cossette Quebec   Creative Director  Cedric Audet COPYWRITER •Alex Bégin   ART DIRECTOR  Geneviève Renaud   PRODUCTION  Les Enfants   PRODEXEC  Guillaume Arsenault   DIRECTOR  Olivier Staub  CINEMATOGRAPHER   Jonathan Decoste   EDITING Monica Remba  COLOR GRADING  Benoit Côté SOUNDDESIGN  François Belanger
Excerpt of SHOTS coverage:
Collaborating with Cossette, Director Olivier Staub has put together a surreal story of Kubrickian proportions about isolation and solitude in today’s climate.
Anyone can eventually be affected and lean towards a monotonous life on auto-pilot, a painful state of mind that is utterly invisible to others... unless spoken of.
Through powerful and poetic metaphor, Staub assembles frames crafted to create a depth of field and distance with our protagonist, accentuating the loneliness and loss in thought.
Complemented with keen and symmetric production design as well as an ethereal soundscape that is half- dream, half-nightmare like, the spot takes us on a daily loop that may just be broken if we open up.
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