Applied Arts Awards

Amnistie International • Writing Lights

Each year, Amnesty International uses the power of words to help liberate people who are unjustly imprisoned or at risk of human rights abuses by inviting millions to write letters demanding action. Over the last 20 years, 127 of the 169 individuals who are the subject of Amnesty’s campaigns were set free—that’s a 75% success rate.
“Words, for me, are like light, liberation inside a prison.” – Imen Derouiche
The campaign developed by Cossette, Writing lights a way out, is inspired by a quote from Imen Derouiche, a human rights defender and a former prisoner of conscience, when she was asked about the impact of Amnesty letters received during her incarceration.
To bring this concept to life, Cossette teamed up with renowned photographer Olivier Staub to create a series of visuals in which a ray of light, forming the shape of a pencil, illuminates a person plunged in darkness.