IDEA Awards

Adironmac - McCafé

       Excerpt from Communication Arts Article:

Background: Launched to coincide with one of Quebec’s busiest travel seasons, this campaign features images of Adirondack chairs painted to reflect various recognizable McDonald’s menu items—including its fries and coffee cup—set against backdrops of Canada’s most scenic views.

Design thinking: The ask was simple: remind Quebecers and Canadians that McDonald’s is always a sure bet when on the road to summer vacation.

Favorite details: The idea was quite clever, but the photos had to be on par with the idea. We reached out to one of the best photographers we know: Olivier Staub. And he said yes right away. We were glad we asked.
New lessons: Collaboration and trust are key to a great campaign. We knew it before, but now we’re sure of it.

Visual influences: McDonald’s is such a big brand with a rich advertising history that we had to make sure this hadn’t been done before. We want to keep the brand’s visual language moving forward in its simplicity. The fries are so iconic, we wanted to pay tribute without forcing the visual. Most importantly, the shot had to capture that zen moment, that I-want-to-be-there-and-sit-in-that-chair feeling.