IDEA Awards

Loop (It Has to Stop)

CLIENT  SAAQ   AGENCY  Lg2 Quebec   Creative Director  Luc DuSault  COPYWRITER  Andrée-Anne Hallé   ART DIRECTOR  Jean Lafrenière   PRODUCTION  GreatGuns   PRODEXEC  Nicolas Quintal   DIRECTOR  Olivier Staub  CINEMATOGRAPHER  Olivier Staub   VISUAL RETOUCHING  VisualBox   ANIMATION  Shed (Jean-Marc Laurin)   SOUNDDESIGN  BLVD (Sylvain Roux)
“It has to Stop.’ is a powerful infinite horror loop raising awareness against the dramatic consequences of using cell phone while driving.
Mix of daring technics, it is all shot live with great stunt talents. A super special thanks to Robyn: an incredible elder stuntwoman who projected herself in the 3/4 Inch plexiglass with no fear !! What a performance, what a shoot !