African Encounters

In my perspective, there are certain states that transcend our understanding, and this is undeniably one of them.

Is it because animals were not granted the gift of speech that they will reciprocate with such  intensely readable  looks?

This project aims to transcend the easy pictures of spectacular animals.

Therefore, we will focus on the inner beauty of these animals, updated through intimate close-ups as well as some unique morphological details. To accomplish these images, it was mandatory that they be aware of my presence and accept it.

The process therefore required a set of elegant approaches prudent and peaceful, only to be rewarded with these pictures. The exceptional skills of my guide, Tosha and his tracker were the key elements in the success of this South African adventure.

Gradually, I inched closer to our subjects, creating the necessary space for mutual understanding. Slowly, I created the necessary privacy, so that the eye contact became an inward door.
We ventured close, perhaps at times, too close.

Lux 2015 • Unpublished Portrait — Grand Prize
International Color Awards 2015 • Wildlife — Winner
Applied Arts 2015 • Nature Landscapes — Winner
Communication Arts 2015 • Unpublished — Award Of Excellence